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    Sandwich board wisdom. [attentionpaysme]

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    Hi, everyone. In April of 2011, I gave a lecture to some first-year design students at George Brown College in Toronto. My talk was intended to introduce the students to the differences between a career in design and a career in advertising. The lecture might be useful to some of you, so I’m…

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    Milton Glaser, the creator of the ‘I love NY’ logo, has a new project: 

    It’s not warming

    It’s dying 

    Full video »

    Photo: Ana Terra Athayde

    (Source: theguardian.com)

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    Ferrovia funicolare di Superga (Torino)

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    Designers, have I got a beer for you.

    (From the Spanish agency Txaber)

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    15 September — The explorer Marco Polo was born on this date in 1254. He was not the first westerner to travel the Silk Road through Asia, but he was the first to write and publish a detailed account of his 24 year journey along this route.

    His travels eastward took him to China, Mongolia, and as far as present day Singapore. On his return route he traveled around India and Persia. Not only did his journey and subsequent book influence cartography, but his accounts of the societies he visited told of strange and wonderful things.

    Polo described tree nuts the size of a man’s head (coconuts), stones that could consume fire (coal) and, most ludicrous of all, societies that used printed paper as a form of currency. On his deathbed in 1324, friends and family begged him to recant the “wild exaggerations” he told in his journal — so he could save his soul. Polo’s response was: "I have not told half of what I’ve seen." 

    For nearly 250 years his journal was the only text available to Europeans that described the people and the cultures in that part of the world. 

    A map showing the 15,000 mile route Marco Polo traveled during his 24 year long journey. 

    (via fuckyeahcartography)

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    Scott Eaton’s statue in memory of Amy Winehouse has been unveiled in Camden, London. The life-size bronze sculpture features the singer’s signature beehive hair style and a live red rose. 

    Winehouse died three years ago of alcohol poisoning aged 27. Today would have been her 31st birthday. Full story »

     Photo: Hannah Mckay/EPA

    (Source: theguardian.com)

  11. Hopefully this one stays alive longer than a week. Beautiful stuff @torontoflowermarket (at Toronto Flower Market)

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    This week in Life

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    Nepalese children fly a kite from a hill in the fields surrounding the Khokana village near Kathmandu on Sept. 7, 2014. (Narendra Shrestha/EPA)