1. guardian:

    Scott Eaton’s statue in memory of Amy Winehouse has been unveiled in Camden, London. The life-size bronze sculpture features the singer’s signature beehive hair style and a live red rose. 

    Winehouse died three years ago of alcohol poisoning aged 27. Today would have been her 31st birthday. Full story »

     Photo: Hannah Mckay/EPA

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  2. Hopefully this one stays alive longer than a week. Beautiful stuff @torontoflowermarket (at Toronto Flower Market)

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    This week in Life

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    Nepalese children fly a kite from a hill in the fields surrounding the Khokana village near Kathmandu on Sept. 7, 2014. (Narendra Shrestha/EPA)

  8. Today. #truth #veep

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    are dogs even real?

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    This map imagines the political boundaries of Europe (and surrounding areas) in 2100, after the ice caps have melted.

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    Joan Rivers on Her Own Funeral [via]

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    Keeping up with the news during vacation.

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    Labour day in Toronto

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    Asti Spumonte
    Cinzano & Co. Torino
    Cesare Saccaggi, 1896

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